BMW and Google

BMW started offering a data connection to Google maps in September 2008, enabling keyword search for points of interest.
Photo by: BMW

Google search

Here is an example of the keyword entry screen. The search history is displayed below for quick access to previous terms, as spelling keywords out with iDrive is somewhat tedious.
Photo by: BMW


Weather forecasts is a new feature BMW will be offering. Although playing catch-up with the likes of Ford and Acura, this screen shows more graphic richness with BMW's system.
Photo by: BMW

Stock indices

Bloomberg provides the current Dow, Nasdaq, and S&P 500 for BMW's data connection into the car.
Photo by: BMW

Gas prices

The most useful data source on a weekly basis, nearby gas prices are displayed in the car. You can touch any listing to program it in to the navigation system as a destination.
Photo by: BMW
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