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Add Pandora to the list of apps that BMW has integrated with its 2011 and 2012 models. The latest version of Pandora and BMW's Connected iPhone app make it possible for drivers to view and control the streaming music service in the car using the iDrive system.
Photo by: BMW

Pandora station on BMW app

Using their iPhone to integrate Pandora and supply the Internet data connection, BMW owners will be able to view and interact with the music app on the in-dash display using the iDrive controller or steering wheel buttons.
Photo by: BMW

Thumbs-up feature

Almost all of Pandora's features are available and can be controlled using the iDrive controller or steering wheel buttons. Functionality includes accessing existing stations, creating new stations, thumbing-up or thumbing-down tracks, and bookmarking songs.
Photo by: BMW

Bookmark feature

Users will be able to bookmark songs without fumbling with their phones. Pretty much the only thing you won't be able to do is buy music.
Photo by: BMW

Pandora station list

You'll be able to create new stations using the iDrive controller to create a quick mix from existing stations, search based on genres, or enter the name of an new artist.
Photo by: BMW

Creating a new station

Unlike Toyota's Entune platform, the pairing doesn't take using a Bluetooth connection--users must link the phone using the USB cable or the optional snap-in adapter in the center armrest. Pandora joins Twitter and Facebook as the third app that BMW's app supports.
Photo by: BMW

New station by genre

The new feature is available on all 2011 BMW models built after March and equipped with the $250 BMW apps option. To use Pandora in the car, BMW owners need to download the latest version of the BMW Connected and Pandora apps from the iTunes store.
Photo by: BMW

Searching for a station

BMW is working on platform integrations for Android and BlackBerry users, but hasn't released a timeline.
Photo by: BMW
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