A station wagon by any other name...

Just as with the X6, BMW attempts to create a new automotive segment with this 5 series Gran Turismo concept, but we can't help thinking BMW is merely reinventing the station wagon. BMW calls this concept a Progressive Activity Sedan, emphasizing its performance and utility.
Photo by: BMW

Riding high

The concept sits higher than the current 5 series sedan, allowing room in front for an air intake below the bumper and giving the passengers an elevated seating position. Although BMW hasn't released engine specs, we would expect the twin turbo 3-liter six cylinder as one choice.
Photo by: BMW

Gran Turismo?

BMW justifies the Gran Turismo appellation with the car's fastback design, but traditional GTs only have two doors.
Photo by: BMW

Dual-action tailgate

The press release on the concept makes much of the dual action tailgate, which can be opened completely (as shown in this picture) or just the bottom part can be flipped up, allowing more sedan-like access to the cargo area. The rear seats also fold down, increasing cargo space.
Photo by: BMW

BMW's future headlights?

LED surrounds on the headlights work as daytime running lights, while the casings themselves extend well back into the fenders. This design looks like a clue as to future of BMW production headlights.
Photo by: BMW

Naturally lit cabin

The concept is shown with a plenty of tech in the cabin, including individual rear-seat DVD screens and the navigation LCD at the top of the stack. A panoramic sunroof lights up the cabin.
Photo by: BMW

Innovative instruments

The instrument cluster is similar to what will be seen on the new 7 series, using an LCD instead of physical gauges. Black panel technology makes the LCD invisible when the car is turned off.
Photo by: BMW
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