As usual, the RS 6's interior is up to Audi's bulletproof standards.
Twin oval exhaust pipes show those in the know just what the RS 6 is packing.
The RS 6 is pretty subtle to look at, but that badge says quite a lot...
It is as big as it looks.
Big air dams up front feed air into its massive 4.0-litre engine.
A black honeycomb grille helps the RS 6 look pretty manacing.
The large oval tailpipes hide some smaller pipes.
One of our crew likened the RS 6 to Snoopy. Do you agree?
The RS 6's driving position is very comfy, with a wealth of information within easy reach.
Its pace is ballistic...
Zero to 62 mph happens in just 3.9 seconds.
Its top speed is 155 mph, unless you tick the option box that wangs it up to 189 mph.
Its 4.0-litre heart is shared with the Bentley Continental GT V8.
Subtle to look at, isn't it?
It stops well, too.
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