The A1 Quattro is covered in awesome little design details.
Like its massive white wheels, spoiler and black boot cover.
The A1 Quattro's heart was nabbed from the last-generation S3.
Its wheels are quite striking, a definite highlight.
Its massive air dams are big enough to fit your head in. Trust us, we tried.
Its paint job is pretty cool, isn't it? Shame you can't get it on a normal A1...
Only 333 were made worldwide.
And they're all left-hand drive.
Its gearbox is awesome.
Red details pepper the car. It's pretty cool.
You'd think throwing over 250bhp into an A1 would make it unruly...
...but add four-wheel drive and you end up with a miniature rally car.
The highest-power A1 currently made has around 180bhp...
...which means any possible S1 would have around 220bhp. The same as a Golf GTI.
There are plenty of racing tweaks to the car...
...which make it handle incredibly well.
We only had access to the car for a day, but we fell for it. Hard.
Its burbly noise, sublime handling, and scary-quick pace are rather endearing.
It's a shame Audi won't be making more than 333...
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