Aston Martin has been busy this past year, churning out the One-77, Virage, Vantage S and Zagato, but despite its hectic schedule, it's still found a bit of time to tart up its flagship GT cruiser, the DBS.

The company has released a special edition DBS Carbon Edition which features a number of aesthetic and equipment tweaks that make the luxury supercar a tad more desirable. As you can probably guess, the most notable addition is a super-light frigate-load of carbon fibre.

Carbon detailing can be found on the centre of the dashboard, the door inserts, the rear diffuser, tips of the paddle shifters, wing mirrors and rear light clusters.

Sadly, the rest of the car is made from the same gubbins as the standard vehicle, but Aston Martin's thrown in some extra surface bling including a lush seven-layer paint job that's been hand polished for 25 hours until it gleams like Fiddy's own necklace.

It's wheels have been gien a Diddying, too. The DBS Carbon Black Edition is fitted with 10-spoke gloss black diamond turned wheels with a reversed diamond turned or full gloss black finish fitted as an option, with black or orange brake callipers rounding things off. 

Aston Martin has also ripped out the rubbish Volvo sat-nav seen on the previous DBS and replaced it with a far less frustrating Garmin sat-nav seen in the Virage and V8 Vantage S. This brings with it a high-res 800-480-pixel display, a user interface that won't cause you to rip your eyelids off and maps that actually get you to the place you're headed to.

The DBS Carbon Black Edition will sell for £186,582. It goes on sale in the first quarter of 2012. Check out the pictures in our gallery above.

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