The best known tuner of Porsche cars, RUF, has junked the iconic 911's thrummy six-cylinder engine in favour of an all-electric powertrain for its eRUF concept car.

Normalish on the outside
The eRUF looks like a mildly tweaked but otherwise run-of-the-mill Porsche 911. Those four very prominent test vehicle stickers, one at each corner, hint at the car's experimental electric drivetrain. Although the electric motor only generates a trifling 150kW of power, there's an amazing 650Nm of torque available the instant you step on the gas.

Photo by: RUF

But where will my Gucci handbag go?
The eRUF's 96 Lithium-ion batteries take up the entire front trunk, back seat, and a good part of the engine compartment. Reaching a full charge takes about 10 hours. Once full, the batteries will take you a maximum range of between 250 to 320km, depending on driving conditions.

Photo by: RUF

No flyweight
Not only does the eRUF's battery pack take up most of the luggage space, it's the main contributor to the car's 1,910kg kerb weight; that's some 600 kilos heavier than the standard 911 Carrera. The extra weight also explains why RUF is targeting a 0-100km/h acceleration time of under seven seconds, a test an entry-level 911 will dispatch in 4.9 seconds.

Photo by: RUF

Yes, there really is no luggage space
The eRUF's electric drivetrain comes courtesy of Calmotors, a Californian company specialising in hybrid and electric powertrains. For the eRUF, Calmotors mated the company's own electric motor, with the aforementioned 96-cell battery stack from Axeon and Porsche's own six-speed transmission.

Photo by: RUF
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