What could possibly be better than a million-dollar motor home outfitted with state-of-the-art technology? One that goes in the water, of course.

Yours for a snip
The Terra Wind amphibious RV is a bus-sized RV camper van or motor home manufactured by — we're not making this up, by the way — Cool Amphibious Manufacturers International. For the record, it is 12.95m long, 2.59m wide and 3.81m tall, with about 2.24m of standing room on the inside.

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You call that equipped? This is equipped
Depending on what options you specify, the Terra Wind will cost you anywhere between US$850,000 to US$1.2 million. Clearly it has all the accoutrements and among its many options are a two-metre long swim deck, an eight-jet whirlpool, marble floors, wood panelling, leather furnishings, and a fully equipped home theatre system featuring a 42-inch plasma TV. In the cockpit you'll find the instruments needed for the aquatic half of its persona to operate the submerged motors, rudder controls, bilge pumps, rudder control, and other standard boating fare.

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On the road again
Back on terra firma, this leviathan is moved along by a 246kW 7.2-litre turbo-diesel heavy-duty truck engine.

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