Honda Skydeck concept

What if instead of just looking like a van, the Honda Insight was a van? Well, there's more to it than that, but that's my first impression of the Honda Skydeck concept.
Photo by: Honda


Honda has released no information about the Skydeck's engine compartment, but we do know that it is a hybrid.
Photo by: Honda

Seating position

The seating position puts the front passengers quite close to the center of the wheel base. This creates and airy cabin for the front and second row passengers, but seems to minimize rear storage with the third row seats in place.
Photo by: Honda

Door crazy

Scissor doors up front and dual-sliding doors out back make the Skydeck visually interesting when all opened up. The lack of a b-pillar should make entrance and egress quite easy.
Photo by: Honda

Floating seats

Once you get past the doors, you'll notice that the front- and second-row seats seem to float on thin air.
Photo by: Honda


Closer inspection reveals an inner arm on a rail, which allows the second-row seats to slide forward and downward to stack beneath the front seats for easy access to the third row.
Photo by: Honda

Integrated screens

Instead of a hard framed LCD screen, the Skydeck features stealthy displays that are either projected or integrated into the dashboard.
Photo by: Honda

Stylish seating

The four floating bucket seats feature wood frames and translucent mesh panels, which--when combined with the glass roof--visually enlarge the cabin.
Photo by: Honda

Fold-flat seating

The third-row seating folds flat, opening up the rear storage area to a more useful volume.
Photo by: Honda
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