Honda CR-Z production concept


Head on

Rear end


Six speed manual transmission

Sporty seats

Front seating only?

Driver-centric instrumentation


As the CR-Z approaches production, the concept--while still a bit pie-in-the-sky--becomes more practical.
Caption by / Photo by Honda
In profile, not much has changed since we last saw the CR-Z. The nose has been subtly raised a bit, making the concept more crash safe and pedestrian friendly. Out back there appears to now be enough rear glass to actually see out of.
Caption by / Photo by Honda
Up front, the CR-Z gets larger headlights, side mirrors that are large enough to be useful, and a revised front bumper.
Caption by / Photo by Honda
Out back, the CR-Z is still looking pretty conceptual, with an aggressive rear diffuser that almost certainly won't see production.
Caption by / Photo by Honda
While the headlamps seem to be approaching a production-worthy shape, we expect the road-going model to utilize a lighting array similar to the current Honda Insight.
Caption by / Photo by Honda
Before we get into that sci-fi instrument cluster, take a look at the transmission tunnel. Yes, that's a six-speed manual transmission...on a hybrid!
Caption by / Photo by Honda
You don't have to pinch pennies with a concept, so the CR-Z is sporting some handsome sport buckets. Recaros would be great on the production model, but we're not holding our breath.
Caption by / Photo by Honda
None of the interior photos show a rear seat, most likely--if the original 1980s CRX is any indicator--because there won't be one.
Caption by / Photo by Honda
The instrument cluster and controls seem to wrap around the driver and feature an aesthetic similar to that of the current Honda Insight. However, the CR-Z concept has a lot LCD screens and arbitrary blue illumination.
Caption by / Photo by Honda
To get an idea of the CR-Z's size, here it is pictured with Honda's CB1100, which will also be on display at the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show.
Caption by / Photo by Honda
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