An electric car from 1905

Lantern-like headlights

Woods Motor Company hubcap

Electric car with a wood body

1905 electric car hits 30 mph

Step up to a 1905 electric car

Inside an ancient electric car

Under an old electric car

A fascinating 1905 Woods Motor Vehicle Company electric car sold for almost $95,000 (about £62,500, AU$135,500) at a Bonhams auction on September 26.

The Woods Queen Victoria Brougham cost more than most modern electric cars, but its extreme rarity and fascinating place in automotive history made it a relative bargain.

Caption by / Photo by Bonhams

This electric car from 1905 would look like an alien next to a modern electric car like a Tesla. The drivable collector car has been retrofitted with lightweight batteries and a fast-charging system. This rarity just sold at auction.

Caption by / Photo by Bonhams

This closeup of a hubcap on a 1905 Woods Queen Victoria electric car shows one of the vehicle's pleasing period details. The car has wood spokes for the wheels.

Caption by / Photo by Bonhams

There is plenty of tree material on display in the 1905 Woods Queen Victoria electric car. It has leather seats and can fit two people, though they will be squished in a bit close. It's nothing like the spacious modern electric cars now available on the market.

Caption by / Photo by Bonhams

The car isn't just a museum piece: It can reach speeds of up to 30 mph.

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Teslas don't have exterior steps, but the 1905 Woods electric cars needed them so passengers could clamber into the tall vehicles. This step is imprinted with the Woods logo.

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The Woods electric cars of the early 1900s were pricey vehicles. The interiors were fairly luxurious for the time, with button-and-tuck upholstery. Instead of a steering wheel, the car has a tiller. This was your great-great-grandma's electric car.

Caption by / Photo by Bonhams

Notice the drive chains on this 1905 Woods electric car. It's fairly primitive compared with a modern-day Tesla, but this particular vehicle is still perfectly operational. It sold at a Bonhams auction over the weekend for almost $95,000 (about £62,500, AU$135,500).

Caption by / Photo by Bonhams
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