2011 Taurus SHO by H&R Springs

Ford's bringing a pair of SHOs to the 2010 SEMA Show, along with a selection of custom Fiestas, Fusions, and Explorers. We've rounded up 15 of these funky Fords (and one Lincoln for good measure).

This 2011 Taurus SHO built by H&R Springs upgrades its performance with a Borla cat-back exhaust and K&N air filter, and upgrades its style with H&R Sport Springs and three-piece 22-inch wheels painted in a white gold.

Photo by: Ford Motor

2011 Ford Taurus SHO by Rick Bottom Designs

Ford's second SHO, dubbed the SHOx by Rick Bottom Designs, features custom paint, graphics, and a body kit, but what we're most interested is the 1,600-watt audio system that lurks beneath.
Photo by: Ford Motor

2011 Ford Explorer by Funkmaster Flex and Team Baurtwell

We'd have expected Ford to hand DJ and auto enthusiast Funkmaster Flex the keys to, well, a Ford Flex. Then he could call it the "Funkmaster Flex Flex," or "Funkmaster Flex Squared."

Instead, the Funkmaster and Team Baurtwell are showcasing this tastefully modded 2011 Explorer.

Photo by: Ford Motor

2011 Ford Explorer by CGS Performance Products

CGS Performance Products attempts to challenge the mighty Range Rover, taking the Explorer upscale into the luxury activity vehicle class. Nice touches include upgraded leather interior and a pair of carbon fiber bikes for the roof rack.
Photo by: Ford Motor

2011 Ford Edge by K-Daddyz Kustomz

It wouldn't be SEMA without a few "extreme sports" themed vehicles, so we're not entirely surprised to see this orange Ford Edge by K-Daddyz Kustomz, complete with matching surfboard. Gnarly.
Photo by: Ford Motor

2011 Ford Explorer by GAS

I've never been disappointed with the cars Galpin Auto Sports brings to its shows (including one of my favorite modified Honda Accords), so I'm excited to see this Ford Explorer by GAS in the flesh, particularly the trick second-row pop-up iPad.
Photo by: Ford Motor

2011 Ford Fiesta by 3dCarbon

Ford prominently displayed an array of customized Fiestas even before the bantamweight vehicle hit showroom floors, so it's no surprise that the automaker is bringing at least eight Fiestas to the 2010 SEMA Show.

This bright green example by 3dCarbon features mostly an array of stickers and graphics, but there is a sculpted four-piece body kit that merits a second look.

Photo by: Ford Motor

2011 Ford Fiesta by Ford Vehicle Personalization

This Fiesta features off-the-shelf parts from Ford's vehicle personalization program that can be purchased from authorized Ford dealers, including a four-piece body kit, a more aggressive grille treatment, and custom interior trim bits.
Photo by: Ford Motor

2011 Ford Fiesta by Ford Racing

Likewise, this Ford Racing Fiesta will feature several upgrades from Ford's own racing skunkworks. However, the vehicle also features many non-OEM upgrades, including a 350-horsepower ecoBoost engine that's been bored out to 2.3 liters (up from 2) and high-performing Brembo brakes.

I'll take mine in black, thanks.

Photo by: Ford Motor

2011 Ford Fiesta by FSWerks

FSWerks is bringing this cool white Fiesta to the SEMA Show. The vehicle has been fitted with an FSWerks-developed cool flow air intake system and race exhaust, along with stress bars.
Photo by: Ford Motor

2011 Ford Fiesta by Steeda

Steeda's take on the Ford Fiesta is definitely one of the toughest looks in the bunch. This little chili pepper backs up its looks with handling and performance upgrades for enthusiasts. It includes a short-throw shifter and cold-air intake developed by Steeda, and tuned front and rear lowering sport springs and dampers.
Photo by: Ford Motor

2011 Ford Fiesta by Universal Technical Institute

UTI has fit this Fiesta with four more airbags. We're not talking about the kind that save lives during crashes, we're talking about the Air Lift full digital suspension that raises and lowers the compact car with a satisfying "PSSSHHHH" at the touch of a button.
Photo by: Ford Motor

2011 Ford Fiesta by H&R Springs

H&R Springs is best known for its suspension components, so we expect that this Fiesta is hiding an array of upgrades behind that fancy wheel and brake package.
Photo by: Ford Motor

2011 Ford Fiesta by L&G Enterprises

This bright red example, built by L&G Enterprises, features circuit board-inspired graphics on the exterior and a black interior with integrated iPad command center--whatever that means.
Photo by: Ford Motor

2011 Ford Fusion Sport by Steeda Autosports

The Hybrid configuration garners the lion's share of attention among Ford Fusions, but its slightly more high-strung brother, the Fusion Sport, also merits a second look. Modified by Steeda, this Sport gets a worked-over suspension with stiffer springs, dampers, antiroll bars, and the like.
Photo by: Ford Motor

2011 Lincoln MKX by ID Agency

The lone Lincoln in this lineup--a 2011 MKX built by ID Agency--features Falken Tires, HRE wheels, Brembo brakes, and Alpine electronics. The guys at ID are calling it an Urban Assault Vehicle, but unless you're assaulting a sale at your local shopping mall, we expect you'll be a bit outgunned in this soft-roader.
Photo by: Ford Motor
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