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Zipcar launches San Francisco van program

Zipcar announced a pilot program that includes full-size cargo vans through a new offering called Zipvan for San Francisco residents.

The new Zipvan service is perfect for an indie band that has no way of transporting equipment. Zipcar

Zipcar just launched Zipvan, a pilot cargo-van program, in San Francisco. Now, Bay Area Zipcar members can use a Ford E-150 cargo van for $14.75 per hour, or $99 per day.

Behind the driver and front passenger seats, the cargo vans offer 230 cubic feet of space--enough room for a queen-size mattress, band equipment, or a few pieces of furniture from IKEA.

The new Zipvan service will launch in January 2012 with 15 vehicles, at locations in San Francisco and Oakland. Initial Zipcar locations offering cargo-van service include: Market Street at 15th Street, 14th Street at Stevenson Street, and Fell Street at Divisadero Street in San Francisco. Cargo-van service will expand in Oakland to locations at 20th Street at Telegraph Avenue, and in San Francisco at Harrison Street at 15th Street later in 2012, the company said in a press release.

"Based on the success we've seen in London and the enthusiasm from our members expressed through our Zipcar member survey, we're thrilled to launch this pilot in San Francisco," said Scott Griffith, chairman and CEO of Zipcar, in the release. "Whether you're planning a move across town or about to make a new purchase for your apartment or a business with an occasional need for a larger vehicle, transporting large items in the city is a real hassle. Zipvan aims to make it more convenient and more affordable to move 'stuff' around."

Sometimes a compact car isn't enough. Zipcar members in the San Francisco Bay Area now have Zipvan. Zipcar