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ZAP's Alias electric vehicle to roll out in China

Announcement of ZAP's Alias will be one of the first electric sports vehicle to go into mass production in China.

The Zap Alias is headed for production via a partnership with Zhejiang Jonway Automobile Co. of China. Zap

Electric vehicle maker Zap and Zhejiang Jonway Automobile Co. today announced they are amping up manufacturing plans following the successful debut of a preproduction Alias at the Jonway exhibit at the Beijing Motor Show last week.

Zap is targeting the electric vehicle market in China and other markets; Alias is one of the first electric sports cars to be produced in China.

Zap plans to offer the Alias for $35,000 and is accepting limited orders for its special-edition models. Orders for the Alias can be placed on the website for a refundable reservation fee of $1,000.

The Alias can travel at freeway speeds with an estimated range of more than 100 miles per charge. One of the preproduction Zap Alias vehicles will compete in the shakedown stage of The Progressive Automotive X PRIZE, which takes place next week at Michigan International Speedway.