Yuba Mundo: Can this e-bike replace my car?

With more and more people getting on bikes in busy cities, I wanted to see if an e-bike really could work for everyday life.

Evan Lee Miller Video Producer
Evan has spent the last 26 years in Denver, Colorado where he has been pursuing photography and video production. In his free time he enjoys skateboarding, hiking and taking photographs. Most recently, he moved to San Francisco to join the Roadshow crew.
Evan Lee Miller

Bike sales have gone through the roof since COVID-19 hit the United States earlier this year. Every day, I see twice as many cyclists outside my window that overlooks a busy San Francisco street. E-bikes are becoming pretty popular, too.

One interesting thing I've noticed is that parents are riding electric cargo bikes with their kids buckled in over the rear wheel. This makes me wonder: Are cargo e-bikes the new minivans? Are people actually replacing cars with e-bikes? 

That question set me out on a mission to see if I could replace my own car with an e-bike -- or, more specifically, to see if the Yuba Mundo Cargo e-bike could handle busy days of errand-running. My previous review of the Vanmoof S3 bike gave me an idea of what life would be like without a car, but with the Yuba I wanted to know if it could handle everything I do on a weekly basis. Check out the video to see how I prepped the Mundo for my life, including multiple cross-city errands, a heavy payload and, of course, dating.

Can this Yuba Mundo e-bike replace my car?

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