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Watch what it takes to build a giant 3D-printed LEGO go-kart

It cost upwards of $100 and took seven days to print. But it's time and money well spent.


Can someone start Kickstarter so we can get a life-size version built?

Matt Denton/Mantis Hacks

If there's any hesitation in your mind that we're living in a DIY golden age, a giant 3D printed LEGO go-kart should clear things up.

YouTuber Matt Denton built a replica LEGO model that's five times larger than the original. Denton says it cost him roughly between $103 and $128, took 168 hours worth of printing time, weighs about 12 pounds, and is made up of 98 pieces. So, you know, just a little effort.

The original idea for the build was to make a cart large enough for Denton's 8-year-old nephew to ride around on. But the amount of time and plastic it would've taken killed those dreams. 

Denton's YouTube channel is full of fascinating feats of engineering, check it out

Hat tip to Hackaday