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You probably won't fit in Volvo's smallest coupe

Unless you happen to be a child, that is.


It seems like the whole automotive industry is getting into the trend of releasing ride-on versions of their latest cars. Tesla's got one, Chrysler built a one-off to match its Pacifica, and now... a Volvo.

At first glance, the Volvo Rider looks pretty rugged, being made mostly of hard plastic. Available in either silver or "Crash Test Orange," the Volvo rider is made for kids between the age of 1 and 3, so it aims for the younger side of the ride-on demographic.

If you've always wanted a Volvo in your driveway, here's one way to do it.


Since it's built for even younger kids than usual, it's not outfitted with AUX ports and Bluetooth and all that crazy stuff. It does have working front and rear lights (in the traditional "Thor's Hammer" design, natch), and the horn functions, too. The gauges are just decals.

The only moving part that matters is the steering wheel, which is rather large compared to the rest of the car.

While other ride-on toys are content to charge large sums of money for an extra bit of gadgetry, the Volvo keeps it simple. This straightforward ride-on toy costs just 166 euros or $187 including tax. That's a far cry from the $500 required to pick up the Tesla Model S for Kids. If you do want to spend that much, though, there's the $625 XC90 ride-on available for slightly older "drivers."