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You may soon get a heck of a deal on a 'new' diesel Porsche Cayenne

When a new car immediately becomes a used car, the buyer stands to benefit.

Porsche hasn't been able to sell a single diesel since November 3, 2015.


Right now, Porsche is sitting on approximately 1,500 new Cayenne diesel SUVs that it can't sell. But once it gets its diesel ducks in a row, buyers stand to get a hell of a discount on those cars.

Once Porsche solves the issues with its 3.0-liter diesels, it can lift its stop sale and sell those cars. But it won't sell them as new cars -- it will sell them as used cars, Automotive News reports, citing an interview with the CEO of Porsche North America. Selling a car as used instead of new can provide significant discounts to the buyer, although Porsche isn't giving out explicit prices.

Right now, Porsche and the feds are working to craft a solution for its 3.0-liter diesels. The cars contain unreported software that affect its emissions. It's believed that a software fix is all that's required to bring its newest cars into compliance. If that's the case, a single hour of dealership work is all that stands between these Cayennes and buyers.

The diesel Porsche Cayenne starts around $62,000. Its diesel engine is rated at approximately 20 mpg city and 29 mpg highway, according to EPA estimates. With 406 pound-feet of torque on tap, it's packing plenty of forward thrust, despite having one of the slowest acceleration times of any Cayenne.