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A Segway vending machine debuts in Singapore

The vending machine hopes to snag impulse buyers.


Gogreen's vending machine in Singapore lets you buy a Segway.

Zoey Chong/CNET

You can buy anything from canned bread to Instagram followers from a vending machine these days. But in Singapore, one company is adding Segways to that growing list.

Gogreen, a distributor of personal transportation devices from Segway and Yvolution, launched on Saturday a vending machine in Singapore that lets you buy a Segway. For star power, Gogreen brought in martial arts star Jackie Chan to demo.

The vending machine, touted as the world's first for Segways, features a 55-inch touchscreen that lets buyers pick and pay for a product with a card or mobile payment before dispensing it.

The machine runs 24/7 and can hold seven items at a time. It carries the Segway MiniPro (about $743), ES2 Kickscooter and Segway MiniLite (both about $594).

Action star Jackie Chan demonstrates the vending machine during the launch.

Zoey Chong/CNET

While selling big-ticket items from a vending machine is uncommon, the idea isn't new. People can already buy cars from vending machines in the city-state, as well as in China.

Gogreen is hoping the machine caters to people who have rented and tried out a Segway and like the experience so much they want to buy one "on impulse," according to Jimmy Ng, Gogreen's corporate sales manager.

So if you're an impulsive shopper, you may want to avoid going anywhere near the vending machine.

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