You can buy Post Malone's Monaco-liveried McLaren Senna XP hypercar

This unique Senna is one of three special editions commissioned by the Beverly Hills McLaren dealership.

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This one-off Senna is being sold by rapper Post Malone.

DuPont Registry

It's no secret that celebrities (and rappers especially) love to flaunt expensive cars, and multi-Grammy Award nominee Post Malone is no exception. The 25-year-old rapper owns cars like a Bugatti Chiron, a Rolls-Royce Phantom and even an LS-swapped Chevy C10 pickup, and he made headlines a few months ago when he bought a one-off McLaren Senna XP. It seems like he got tired of the track-ready hypercar, though, as the Senna is now up for sale on DuPont Registry with just 147 miles on the odometer.

Malone's Senna is one of three special editions commissioned by the McLaren Beverly Hills dealership as a tribute to Ayrton Senna himself. Each one has an exposed carbon-fiber body with unique paint accents and interior schemes that represent the country flag of a Formula One Grand Prix that Senna won.


The car's color scheme is inspired by the principality of Monaco.

DuPont Registry

This one is the Master of Monaco car, celebrating Senna's six wins from between 1989 and 1993, five of which were consecutive. The body has a bunch of red and white accents, with the wing getting a painted-on graphic of the Monaco flag waving and the number 12 on its end plates (Senna's racing number with McLaren). On the inside there is red leather on the racing bucket seats and a ton of red-tinted carbon-fiber covering everything from the dashboard to the steering wheel. Rounding off the special touches are the Monaco flag printed on the headrests and a lovely drawing of Senna's MP4/4 F1 car.

The second Senna XP in this series is the Lap of the Gods car, inspired by Senna's win at the extremely wet 1993 European Grand Prix when he went from fifth to first in lap one. It has a British theme with blue and red accents and tons of blue leather and carbon inside. The third car is the Home Victory, which is a celebration of Senna's 1991 win at Interlagos, his first win in his home country of Brazil. That car has green and yellow exterior touches with green leather seats and green carbon fiber. You can check out more of the other two XPs in our gallery below.

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What's especially interesting about these Sennas is that XP branding. The XP doesn't actually have anything to do with this commissioned special edition -- it stands for "Experimental Prototype," meaning it's one of McLaren's original development prototypes and test cars. While technically only 500 Sennas were built and sold, after that production run was complete McLaren took its remaining prototypes and refinished them to new customer specs. (McLaren did this with past limited-edition models like the P1, too.) Nothing is mechanically different about the Senna XP compared with a regular production unit, so it's got the same twin-turbo 3.9-liter V8 making 789 horsepower and 590 pound-feet of torque.

While no price is listed in the ad, don't expect this Senna to go for cheap. When it was new the Senna started at a shade over $950,000 -- before any options, of which there were many pricey ones available -- and now they regularly trade for upward of $1 million. But these three Senna-themed XPs carried a price of $1,435,328 when they were first announced in late 2019. Given this XP's extremely unique spec, celebrity ownership and low mileage, I wouldn't be surprised if this one goes for closer to $2 million.