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Yo-Auto concept car has the weirdest doors ever

You've probably never seen a car's doors open like this.

Yo-Auto's concept has doors that slide through the body of the vehicle. Yo-Auto/YouTube

Russian automaker Yo-Auto's concept for the upcoming 2011 Frankfurt auto show features a sleek design that will likely never see a public road. It has small digital cameras in place of side mirrors. Like most concepts, it's probably motivated by some bombastically improbable hybrid power train that gets a million miles per gallon. It's certainly not what I think of when I hear the words "Russian automobile." However, none of that is what's piqued my interest in this Yo-Mobile concept. I'm interested in the doors.

Yes, the doors, which, as you'll see in the video below, open unlike any other cars' that we've ever seen. Rather than swinging out like your car's doors, swinging upward gullwing-style, or even doing that weird rotation that you see on Koenigsegg doors, these doors slide through the body of the vehicle and out of the rear end. It's highly impractical, but also very cool.