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Yenko Chevy Silverado swings in with a supercharger and 800 HP

Specialty Vehicle Engineering is back at it with another souped up pickup.

Yenko Chevy Silverado

If you've ever wanted a Corvette or Camaro engine in a Chevrolet Silverado body, we have good news to share. This is the Yenko Chevy Silverado with a supercharged 6.2-liter LT1 V8 engine under the hood that makes 800 horsepower.

Fast pickups are all the rage these days, and Specialty Vehicle Engineering -- basically a shadow division of General Motors at this point -- has come out swinging once again. The Yenko Silverado is the latest vehicle to wear the Yenko name after plenty of proper Camaro and Corvette models. But, SVE's also worked with the GMC Canyon to create a modern-day Syclone, too.

As for this creation, SVE tweaked a lot of the mechanical pieces to crank up the power. A forged crankshaft, pistons, ported heads and stainless steel header are just a few of the highlights. The exterior is simple enough, but projects a boss presence with darkened elements, beefy wheels and some lovely dual exhaust pipes. The Yenko Silverado probably sounds even better.

Yenko Chevy Silverado

Love that the tailgate gets special treatment.


Of course, some Yenko S/C stripes run along the side and the tailgate features the Yenko name to let others know this isn't your average workhorse. Inside, more Yenko badges and some sweet houndstooth upholstery cover the seats, but more boring leather options are available, should you desire.

The price? SVE didn't say. Its creations typically aren't cheap, though, and the company only plans to build 50 of them for the 2021 model year. Talk to an affiliated GM dealer to order one because these Yenko Silverados will absolutely go quick -- literally.

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