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XCAR Awards 2013: Best Interior

If you are lucky enough to have the cash to spend on a high-end sports car, you will, in all likelihood, spend more time inside looking out than outside looking over it. Therefore, the interior can not be overlooked. Here are a few of the cars we feel give the driver the best view.

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To say the BAC Mono has an interior at all could be considered an overstatement. The minimalist approach, though, leaves you with a cockpit designed to make you feel like you're on the starting grid rather than merely waiting at traffic lights.

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You expect a lot for your money when you buy a Ferrari, and the 458 delivers a race car-inspired interior that justifies every penny. When a car looks as good as the 458 from the outside, it's comforting to know that the inside has had just as much attention lavished on it.

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The McLaren MP4-12C has a very stripped back feel to its interior, but that does keep your focus where it should belong, the dials and the road.

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The new Range Rover has updated the interior controls for less clutter and the result is an improved version of what was already a great place to be. Both the front and the rear are taken care of and while you are traversing any terrain mother earth can throw at you you will be doing so in comfort and style.

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Bentley put more effort into their interiors than possibly any other manufacturer, taking their sweet time to perfect every nook and cranny. All of that attention to detail is clear from the moment you step inside and that craftsmanship will outlast anything else on four wheels.

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The contrast between the exterior and the interior of the Audi RS6 can be quite startling. To the untrained eye the RS6 looks like a family estate. The interior looks race ready, though one look at the seats will give away the game. This car is ready to destroy anything it comes across and from the driving position, the interior has the looks to remind you of that.

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The winner here, however, is so obvious to us it hurts. The Pagani Huayra gives you a view unlike any other. Even among other hypercars, the Huayra is a cut above. The steampunk stylings mash leather, carbon fibre and metal together into what is almost an art gallery of industrial design. It takes your breath away at first glance and never ceases to amaze.

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