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XCAR Awards 2013: Best Affordable Car

We drive all manner of fast, exciting sports and supercars at XCAR but there's always fun to be found for less than you might think.

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The Skoda Citigo, the VW Up, and the Seat Mii are all wonderful little cars based on the same platform. They're also hilarious fun to steer. Offering cracking dynamics, incredible fuel economy, and looks that won't fail to cheer you up, they've earned their place here through brilliance and brilliance alone.

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The Ford Focus ST is a truly entertaining car from a brand with pedigree in making fast, cheap hatchbacks. There were more than a few squabbles for the keys to this bad boy.

The Peugeot 208 GTI's blend of fun and comfort impressed this year -- it meant that you could have a rapid wagon but not have to sacrifice your back for the privilege.

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Our final car, the Caterham Supersport is a great, if unorthodox choice. It's cheap, fast, and damn good fun.

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