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X Shore 1 Aims to Be the Tesla Model 3 of the Sea

The X Shore's smaller, more affordable electric boat sets sail next year with silent performance and minimalist Scandinavian design.

X Shore 1 electric boat
Meet the X Shore 1. Despite the name, it's the second model in X Shore's family of electric boats.
X Shore

Swedish boatbuilder X Shore adds a second member to its family of electric boats this week with the launch of the X Shore 1. Following in the wake of the Eelex 8000 that debuted last year, the X Shore 1 is a smaller, simpler electric watercraft that promises comparably high-performance, silent operation and zero emissions with a more accessible and affordable $139,000 price tag. OK, relatively more affordable.

The X Shore 1's prop is powered by a 125-kilowatt electric motor that draws from a 63-kilowatt-hour battery pack. The craft is capable of a top speed of 30 knots (around 35 mph, for we land-lubbers) with a cruising speed of around 20 knots. At a more relaxed 8-knot cruise, X Shore estimates around 50 nautical miles of range per charge.

The battery can be juiced from 20% to an 80% state of charge in around 50 minutes at a 45-kW station or around 90 minutes at a 22-kW point. At a 7.3-kW three-phase outlet more commonly found at marinas, expect a 4.6-hour charge from flat to full.

The 21-foot boat surrounding the electric powertrain features minimal, Scandinavian design and is available in two configurations, Open and Top. Open is the topless model while the Top adds a cantilevered roof with retractable awnings. With the roof configuration sorted, shoppers will be able to choose between Utility, Performance and Premium trim levels.

Like modern electric cars, the X Shore 1 electric boat features modern, connected tech onboard, including touchscreen infotainment with a large display. Connectivity via the X Shore app for phones and smartwatches allows mobile devices to serve as a digital key, as well as geofencing, anti-theft features and performance data monitoring in real time.

The X Shore 1's design makes use of environmentally friendly materials in its construction, such as sustainably harvested cork used in place of teak for parts of the hull. Meanwhile, a combination of glass-fiber and carbon-fiber construction helps offset the battery's mass. This is still a hefty little craft -- the Open tips the scales at 3,400 pounds, while the Top weighs 3,540 pounds. Plus, the more compact hull and smaller battery help to keep the price down, but also makes it easier to transport to customers than the 26-foot Eelex 8000 -- the smaller craft can, for example, fit into a shipping container. 

The larger Eelex 8000 (top) and the X Shore 1 aim to be Tesla Model S and 3 of the water.

X Shore

The X Shore 1 will be built in Nyköping, Sweden, with orders opening Friday. The first deliveries are expected to reach customers' berths in the second quarter of 2023. Starting at $139,000 before options, the X Shore 1 is still very much a luxury item, but it's also much more affordable than the $329,000 Eelex 8000 and, according to X Shore, "a third of the price of other high-performance electric boat models."

X Shore says that its goal with the Eelex 8000 and now the X Shore 1 is to reduce noise pollution and carbon emissions associated with high-performance boats, factors that are said to have short- and long-term negative effects on the environment and marine life.