World's fastest lawn mower record set

American Bobby Cleveland won back his record for the World's Fastest Lawn Mower, restoring order to the natural world.

Liane Yvkoff
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Liane Yvkoff

History was made last weekend when American Bobby Cleveland won back his record for the world's fastest lawn mower, restoring order to the natural world. Cleveland's former record of 80.833 mph was broken by British driver Don Wales, who swiped it right from under Cleveland's nose with a 87.833 mph record at the Pendine Sands in Wales last May.

But we Yankees practically invented the sport of riding lawn mowers, and if American men are ever going to be able to justify spending $2K on a new John Deere riding mower, the country needed that title back. Rising to the challenge, Cleveland set his sights on achieving 104 mph on his highly modified mower (which must cut grass according to regulations) at the Bonneville Salt Flats over the past weekend.

On Friday, he eked out a win by clocking 88.944. But it's not really winning if you don't pummel the competition, so Cleveland went back to the drawing board that night to fine-tune his mower. The next day he bested his own top speed by achieving 96.529 mph, securing the title for at least another few months. Suffice to say, he made America proud.