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The Los Angeles Auto Show wants to turbocharge your auto startup

Competition winners will be featured in the show's new AutoMobility LA program.

The tech pavilion might not look that big from here, but considering how vast the whole Los Angeles Convention Center is, there's plenty of space.

Los Angeles Auto Show

The Los Angeles Auto Show recently merged its press and trade days with the Connected Car Expo. The resultant AutoMobility LA hopes to be a place where the media can get up close and personal with all aspects of the merging tech and auto industries, and now it's running a competition for startups that hope to make it big.

AutoMobility LA's Top Ten Automotive Startups is a competition that welcomes any startup within the sectors of transportation or mobility. A panel of experts, including execs from Google, Lyft, Nvidia and others, will wrangle up all the submissions and decide on the 10 that they think have the best shot at competing and succeeding.

Those that make it to the top 10 will be given placement in the new tech pavilion at this year's inaugural AutoMobility LA. Of course, the show believes the tangential benefits are even better than prime show-floor placement. The show is quick to point out that three of 2015's top 10 -- Elio Motors, High Mobility and HopSkipDrive -- all received "major financial backing" as a result of being featured.

While a 30 percent chance of getting funding might not seem like much, it's way better than if your company was forced to fight it out with competitors on more traditional channels. Having this sort of exposure can lead to big things, and the show is hoping that it will attract some serious talent by offering this. All a startup needs to do is head to the LA Auto Show website to apply.

The first ever AutoMobility LA kicks off on November 14.

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