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Workhorse N-Gen electric van features optional delivery drone

It doesn’t need to be pretty, it just needs to work.

Andrew Krok Reviews Editor / Cars
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Andrew Krok
Workhorse Group

Workhorse Group is hell bent on electrifying work vehicles. First it introduced the electric W-15 pickup, and now it's unveiled an electric van for delivery drivers.

The Workhorse N-Gen is an electric vehicle aimed at last-mile delivery services, which bring packages from local warehouses to people's doorsteps. Its electric motors provide for about 100 miles of range, and an optional gas-powered range extender can increase that range by another 75 miles.

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Fiat Chrysler must have had a bunch of Maserati headlights laying around that it wanted to offload for cheap.

Workhorse Group

Like Workhorse's W-15 pickup, the N-Gen prioritizes function over form. It's not the prettiest van on the market, with its borrowed headlights and awkward front end. But with a 105-inch roof height and 19-inch floor, it's meant to be ideal for delivering packages.

The N-Gen's most interesting feature is its optional delivery drone . The HorseFly system features an eight-rotor drone that can launch from the van's roof and deliver a package weighing up to 10 pounds to a person's doorstep. Workhorse tested a similar system with UPS trucks in Florida.

Workhorse will unveil the N-Gen to the public at CES 2018 in Las Vegas this coming January. Keep your eyes peeled to Roadshow this winter for this and many other unveilings from the CES show floor.