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YouTube screencap

Witness the return of Alpine in this new teaser video

The all-new Alpine sports car is slated to launch in 2017, and we're geeking out.

Back in February, Renault subsidiary Alpine unleashed a concept and promised it would return to market. Now, we've got a whole video previewing the return of this midengine motorsports masterpiece.

Alpine uploaded a video to YouTube, showing off camouflaged versions of its first production car since the 1990s. The proportions look very similar to the Alpine Vision Concept from Feburary. It's likely to pack a turbocharged I4 mounted amidship, with a whole bunch of parts courtesy of its parent company, Renault. It should compete against the Porsche 718 Cayman.

It's unclear whether the new Alpine model will use a variation of the A110 badge that dominated the World Rally Championship in the 1970s, but our friends at Motor1 seem to think it will be called the A120. No matter what it's called, it's going to be awesome. The world needs more midengine cars.

(Hat tip to Motor1!)