Winter driving tips: Acceleration and traction control

Today's video is part two of the Michelin series regarding techniques on winter weather driving and features tips and tricks on acceleration and the utilization of traction control.

Gary Spencer

I figured since I'm acting like your grumpy old driver's ed instructor this week regarding how to pioneer your vehicle safely in rough winter weather, today I will present the second installment of the Michelin Tires' series on this subject. Whereas yesterday's video concerned braking techniques when driving in winter weather, today's clip is all about accelerating safely and efficiently on snowy and icy roadways.

Yes, I know a lot of what's covered here may seem like common knowledge to most viewers, the main reason I wanted to post this video is because of its detailed explanation and demonstration of how the traction control (or whatever variation on that name is featured on your car) works and how to utilize it for maximum effectiveness when driving on ice and snow. For the attention span impaired, fast-forward this video to the 2-minute mark to catch this particular segment.