Win a tC on Scion's virtual road trip

Scion offers a 2011 tC as the grand prize for its Web game, starting June 1.

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Wayne Cunningham
Unlock the tC Road Trip screen grab
Scion's Unlock the tC Road Trip takes you on a virtual drive across the country. Scion

A couple of weeks ago Lexus launched an online game to promote its new Lexus hybrid, the CT 200h. On June 1, Scion kicks off an online game called Unlock the tC Road Trip, with a grand prize of a 2011 Scion tC. Toyota seems to have discovered the Internet.

Scion describes its game as a road trip from New York, through Miami, and ending up in Los Angeles. The game, and contest, runs for eight weeks, with a new section of the road trip opening up each week. According to the press release, there are "exciting side trips" and the ability to customize your virtual car along the way.

2011 Scion tC
Scion's new tC uses stronger lines than the previous version. Sarah Tew/CNET

Scion promises daily prizes along with the grand prize, with more than 140 prizes in all. If just a few of those are Scion's music mix CDs, we consider it well worth the effort, as we've picked up some excellent music CDs from Scion at auto shows.

The new Scion tC was shown at the recent New York auto show. It has stronger lines than the previous model, and a more powerful engine. As with all Scions, iPod integration is standard.

The game starts June 1 at Unlock the tC Road Trip. You can also view a trailer for the game.