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Why does Ken Block need 1,400 horsepower? To drift up Pikes Peak

Because 875 horsepower would never have cut it. No, seriously, it wouldn't have.


Ken Block's love of horsepower and car control makes for some of the best videos on the internet. Now, his famed Gymkhana series is aiming for new heights -- literally -- as he attempts to drift his way up Pikes Peak in Colorado.

Block and his 1,400-horsepower, twin-turbocharged Hoonicorn V2 will slide its way up Pikes Peak, home of the most famous hill climb event outside Goodwood. The video, appropriately called Climbkhana, is not out until Summer 2017, but Block released a teaser through the Toyo Tires YouTube page.

The cofounder of DC Shoes claimed he "needed" the Hoonicorn V2's extra horsepower, and now it finally makes sense. Pikes Peak ascends to 14,000 feet, and naturally aspirated engines have a harder time using the thinner air at that height. Turbochargers deliver a set pressure to the engine, which helps combat those effects.