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Whoops, the Mercedes EQA concept isn't a sedan after all

There's always a chance it could grow two doors by next week, though.


It's only been about two days since Mercedes-Benz first teased its EQA electric concept ahead of its debut in Frankfurt. The company has seen fit to send out another teaser, one that has me eating my hat.

It was a logical assumption that the EQA might resemble the Euro-spec A-Class, which is a five-door hatchback. A little extra stretching could have it resembling the CLA-Class sedan or even the Concept A Sedan. But after looking at this teaser -- nope. All wrong. It's a three-door hatch.

One... two... wait a second...


Then again, it's just a design sketch, so perhaps it will have five doors in Frankfurt. There are plenty of traditional concept-car staples, like wheels that barely fit in the wells and mirrors that may as well not even exist. The side is a hot mess of curves, swooshes and a few sharp angles -- again, that's a concept car for you.

The EQA Concept will debut on September 12 during the Frankfurt Auto Show, so there aren't too many days of speculation remaining before we finally figure out how many damn doors this thing has.