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White House Says EV Chargers Must Be Universal to Receive Federal Funding

President Biden's trillion-dollar infrastructure law allocates 500,000 public charging stations by 2030.

Icons for EV chargers in a row of parking spots
EV chargers manufactured with government money must also be made in the US.
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The White House announced Wednesday that manufacturers of electric vehicle chargers must make them usable by all EV brands if they want to receive federal funding.

White House Infrastructure Coordinator Mitch Landrieu said Tuesday that the Biden administration's goal is to create "a national network of chargers that will work for everyone, everywhere, no matter what type of car or state they're in."

EV chargers purchased with federal money will also need to be assembled in the US, according to a White House fact sheet

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A $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill passed in November 2021 set aside $7.5 billion to create 500,000 public EV chargers by 2030, mostly on high-traffic highways and in densely populated residential areas.

Tesla is among the companies financing the project with a combination of private money and federal subsidies. 

The leading EV manufacturer, Tesla is making at least 3,500 of its charging stations available to all electric vehicles by the end of next year, the White House said, in addition to 4,000 Level 2 charging docks.