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Where the bloody hell are we?

Where the bloody are we? Wait, let me check my GPS...

See that red dot? That's Oi! HQ.

OK, so while we're asking the rest of the world where the bloody hell they are, apparently we no longer need to ask that 'too rude for the Poms' question of ourselves. GPS-device maker Mio reckons sales of GPS systems are set to explode in Oz, with estimates of 400 percent growth in 2006.

Mio's local distributor Synnex says 30,000 GPS units were sold in Australia in 2005. Synnex's Mio Product Manager Jay Ko says "the expectation is that there could be about 120,000 sold this year".

"Sales in the US are expected to top two million his year, an increase of 100 percent on 2005. In Europe, about eight million units are expected to be sold, an increase of 50 percent on last year."

Mio has four mobile GPS products on the Australian market: the Mio DigiWalker 136+ (RRP AU$699) features integrated MP3 player functionality; the Mio DigiWalker 169 (RRP AU$899), combines PDA and GPS capabilities; the Mio DigiWalker 268 (RRP AU$899), provides pure GPS functionality; and the Mio DigiWalker 269+ (RRP AU$999), combines GPS with multimedia capabilities.