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When your airbag is your enemy (CNET On Cars, Episode 17)

We'll show you when an airbag can be your worst enemy. Also, see if Acura can retake the top of car tech, and look at the Top 5 future car-tech innovations.

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Way back in May 2005, I did what I believe was our first car tech video: a look at the 2005 Acura RL. It was like this thing from Mars had dropped on the CNET building. Today, the RL is gone, the RLX takes its place, and its first job is to put Acura back on the map in terms of a high-tech flagship sedan that sells in greater numbers than you can count on two hands. We'll show you if the technology in the car is going to help.

Airbags aren't a lot of fun as car tech goes, but they can be a lot of hurt if they're fake and, yes, there are fake airbags our there. Enough that the feds recently put out an alert to look out for them, which is easier said than done. We try to rectify that imbalance in this episode, and once you see what a bad counterfeit airbag does, you'll be motivated.

People ask me, "What's next in car tech?" I have to struggle to keep my response short. There's a lot. My Top 5 this week runs down the five technologies in the car that I think are right on the cusp of becoming the next big thing in motoring. Jot 'em down in your calendar, and check me in a couple years. I bet you'll owe me a drink on that bet!

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