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When it's a good idea to ignore sat-nav

Expect this to be the first story on five's new programme: When Sat-Nav Goes Bad

If anyone out there is making a TV programme called When Sat-Nav Goes Bad (and let's face it, if five hasn't commissioned it yet, it won't be long), this story has to be top of the list.

Winchester City Council has become the first in the UK to put up 'Do not follow sat-nav' signs near a road often used as a cut-through. Apparently, drivers follow GPS instructions to turn into the shortcut, but get stuck part way down the lane when the road narrows.

It made me laugh, mostly because I've lost count of the number of times I've been taken a bizarre route by my sat-nav and thought I'd just been unlucky. Now I'm thinking that it isn't just me -- does anyone else have a sat-nav horror story? If so, why not leave a comment and give us all another little chuckle?