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What level/class do I need to get a Tacoma in 'WoW'?

Toyota launches an advertisement featuring its Tacoma pickup in 'World of Warcraft.'

Gamers both laughed and suffered an identity crisis when a commercial for the Toyota Tacoma, set in the World of Warcraft, aired. The commercial, a parody of the Leeroy Jenkins video, begins with a few World of Warcraft characters preparing for battle, when one spawns a Toyota Tacoma. He takes off after a dragon, and the rest follow on their mounts, saying things like: "There's no trucks in World of Warcraft." Of course the guy with the Tacoma bashes through the dragon and comes back with its beating heart in the truck bed.

On various WoW forums, gamers posted comments such as "lame" and "I ROFLed." Some questioned the intersection of truck ad and WoW, as nerdy gamers don't usually drive pickups. The ad suggests that either WoW has a wider following than hard-core gamers would like to believe, or that Toyota's ad company got its demographic wrong. But the ad wouldn't have worked with a Camry Hybrid, unless it didn't have the battle part and just showed a group of Tauren going for a cruise to Crossroads.

(Source: Jalopnik)