What does Lamborghini have in store for the V12?

A new teaser video leads us to believe it's not going anywhere anytime soon.

Andrew Krok Reviews Editor / Cars
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Andrew Krok

Lamborghini has had a V12 under the hood (or rather, rear engine compartment) since the company started building cars, and it still does. Growing regulations leave many wondering if the V12 will survive this era, but Lamborghini's new video seems to hint that the company has something up its sleeve for the future.

The video walks through the history of Lamborghini's V12-equipped cars. At the end, it asks what is next. Lamborghini obviously knows the answer, but the open-ended question leads us to believe that the current Aventador will not be the last vestige of Lamborghini's V12 engines.

There's a chance that Lamborghini might bring hybridization into the fold for its next car, like did with LaFerrari, which features an electric motor alongside a V12 to provide additional torque. Lamborghini dabbled with hybrids for its Asterion concept, but that was mated to the Huracan's V10. There's rumored to be a facelifted Aventador coming soon, but it's still a ways off from unveiling a proper successor. Either way, it seems like the V12 won't be going anywhere for a while, which makes me quite happy, personally.