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Welcome to Plugged In, Your New Home for Everything EVs and More

Sick and tired of internal combustion? We've got the content for you.

Plugged-in EV with charger
Sergii Iaremenko/Science Photo Library/Getty Images

We hear you. More and more often we hear from readers saying that internal combustion has had its day, that they really only care about the electrified cars. If it doesn't have batteries and instant throttle-response, it's a nonstarter.

It's no surprise. Vehicles with plugs made up 12.5% of all registrations in California last year. Other states won't be far behind.

And so, for those readers we'd like to introduce CNET Cars Plugged In, a new, curated selection of content specifically for those with an eye towards electrified transportation. The focus will be on EVs, but we'll also mix in some of the more interesting developments on plug-in hybrids and fuel-cells, plus the latest on the micromobility front, like scooters and e-bikes.

We'll also be mixing in some new series, like this look at whether EVs are actually better for the environment than gas-powered cars. (Spoiler alert: they are.)

Now, if you love all cars regardless of their powertrains, don't worry. CNET Cars is going to continue covering the best the industry has to offer, whether it burns electrons or gasoline or something entirely different. You'll still find all that glorious stuff through our usual channels. 

But, to focus in on the electrified stuff, check out the CNET Cars Plugged In collection

Additionally, I hope you'll sign up for my new newsletter, Rapid Charge. I'll be personally pulling together the top happenings in the world of electrified mobility and mixing that with industry perspective you'll only find there.

Whether you're an EV fan or an EV skeptic, I hope you'll join us and follow along as we trace the most exciting reinvention of the transportation industry since... well, since the dawn of internal combustion.