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Wednesday Night Drags at Infineon Raceway

As we've seen this week, the legendary Infineon Raceway in Sonoma, California plays host to a variety of racing events - kart racing, Indy Car and more. Today's video blog takes a look at their ongoing semi-weekly event known at the Wednesday Night Drags


Infineon Raceway (formerly known as Sears Point) is famous outside of California for hosting racing events for national heavyweights such as NASCAR and Indy Car. But California car and racing enthusiasts know that Infineon holds a semi-weekly event called "Wednesday Night Drags".

Nearly every Wednesday throughout the year, car owners can bring their own cars or trucks and race em drag style on the historic Infineon asphalt. And when I say owners can race in their own vehicles, I mean it - depending on the night, you can see vintage muscle cars squaring off against newer pickup trucks, and of course there is an endless supply of rebuilt and custom cars to be seen here as well. According to attendee testimony, some enthusiasts show up hours before the gates open to guarantee entry, and occasionally the raceway has to turn some drivers away because the event is so popular. So what we have here today is a clip compilation of an evening at the Wednesday Night Drags - drivers and spectators arriving in a variety of vehicles and of course lots of neat looking cars burning rubber at the drags. To me, that's the best part of this compilation - just getting to check out the interesting variety of cars being put to the test on the race track. Good stuff.