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Nicole Dreon

We take on the ultra-challenging Gazelle Rally (Part 2)

The Gazelle Rally gets tense with stuck and broken vehicles, and a suspicion of cheating.

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In 2016 my navigator Sabrina Howells and I participated in the Rallye Aicha Gazelles, an all-female, nine-day, off-road event through Morocco with no GPS. Points are awarded for the shortest distance between checkpoints, not the fastest time. All navigation is done with a compass and a map.

This is a three-part video series of our third attempt to take the win in one of the toughest motorsports events in the world.

This second episode takes us to the charitable Heart of Gazelles, which brings medical services to the most remote parts of Morocco. We also get the Defender really, like really, stuck, the Morocco Taco has a problem and rally officials think we may be cheating.