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Waze users, drive your cares away with new Fraggle Rock theme. Here's how to turn it on

Let Red Fraggle help you navigate the roads. Here's how.

The Fraggles can help you navigate to your destination in Waze this month.
The Jim Henson Company

Waze users, save your worries for another day and bring some extra whimsy to your commute by turning on a new Fraggle Rock theme in the navigation app. The theme, commemorating what would have been series creator Jim Henson's 85th birthday on Sept. 24, brings you voice navigation courtesy of Red Fraggle, and other vehicles on the road inspired by Doozers. You'll also find characters from the popular '80s children's show like Red, Boober, Mokey, Gobo, Wembley and Junior Gorg in the Waze Moods emoticon options, who will sing songs with you as you drive. 

The Fraggle Rock theme will be available everywhere for a limited time, in English only. 

To turn on the Fraggle Rock theme, open the Waze app, and tap My Waze. Then tape the Fraggle Rock banner to activate it. That's it!

Waze often adds limited-time themes like this -- past updates have included the voices of Batman and Halo characters

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