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Now you can call a Waymo driverless taxi right from Google Maps

Bear in mind that it still only works if you're in the greater Phoenix metro area.

Waymo self-driving car

Now you can call one of these bad boys straight from Google Maps.


Waymo -- aka Google's autonomous vehicle development subsidiary -- and Google Maps are teaming up to let you summon a Waymo One driverless taxi direct from the Google Maps app, according to an announcement by Waymo on Twitter Thursday.

Select the ride-hailing option from Google Maps, and if you're in the greater Phoenix metropolitan area, a robot van will show up and waft you off to your desired destination -- no awkward conversation required. It sounds pretty cool, frankly.

Waymo's autonomous taxi service has been operating in Phoenix for a couple of years with great success, and now it seems the company is ready to ramp up its service, which it is now able to charge money for.

Have you tried the Waymo One service yet? If so, let us know what your experiences were in the comments.

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