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Watch this walkthrough of the refreshed Tesla Model S

One well-known Tesla fan was lucky enough to get up close with Tesla's recently refreshed electric sedan, and his video takes a look at all the changes.

Usually, when an automaker releases a refreshed vehicle, there's a press launch and several releases dedicated to its existence. Tesla is not a traditional automaker, so don't expect anything beyond refreshed Model S vehicles randomly appearing on the street one day. But you don't have to wait to take a look at it, thanks to Tesla vlogger Bjørn Nyland.

Electrek directed our attention to Nyland's YouTube page, where he gets up close with Tesla's refreshed Model S. The changes are few and far between, so the video isn't terribly long, but it's interesting to watch him dissect the changes as they relate to the Model S.

What isn't great, though, is seeing that gross front license plate mount. It totally ruins the look of the car's front end, although that's not out of the ordinary for front license plates in general.