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Watch this Toyota Mirai hustle up a hill climb

This minute-long jaunt was technically the hydrogen car's UK motorsports debut.

Matt Goldsmith

When you think of grassroots motorsports events like hill climbs, you probably imagine some lithe, high-horsepower machine blasting its way upwards at ridiculous speeds. You probably don't imagine a silent hydrogen car, which is why Toyota's decision to run its Mirai on a hill climb is a bit strange.

Nevertheless, that's what the automaker did. Journalist David Finlay took a chrome-wrapped Mirai on the hill climb course at Gurston Down in Wiltshire, England. 44.44 seconds later, the car made history with its 62.5-mph average speed on the 0.6-mile course.

It's not a blistering pace, but it's still an interesting run either way.

The Mirai's been quite busy this week. Earlier, Prince Albert of Monaco drove a Mirai around the chic Monte Carlo roads that make up the ultra-posh principality's Formula 1 Grand Prix course. Monaco wants to show that it's looking to the future of transportation, as well, even if most of its plutocratic residents prefer to drive around in gas-guzzling supercars.

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