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True Cousins

Watch this home-brew EV score an eighth-mile world record

If it kept going, it could reach the quarter-mile mark in less than 8 seconds.

The fastest full-bodied EV in the world makes a Tesla at the drag strip look like the slowest car on the block.

True Cousins, a drag racing team from Denmark, set a National Electric Drag Racing Association (NEDRA) world record in the eighth-mile drag, with a time of 4.8968 seconds at a speed of 144.8 mph.

In case you're wondering, that is awfully fast. Some really rough napkin math would put True Cousin's TC-X drag racer through the quarter-mile in less than 8 seconds, provided the car can hustle down the strip equally well beyond the eighth-mile mark.

The TC-X is a custom-built EV, specifically made for drag racing. The panels of its fiberglass body are a mere 2 millimeters thick. The body is split into four different casting forms, and putting the whole thing together took three men five whole weekends. Not bad for a few dudes in a garage.