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Watch this car thief steal a Jeep Wrangler with nothing but a laptop

These days, it's probably wise to just disconnect your entire wiring harness and take it inside with you.

As more transportation goes online, the riff-raff are finding new ways to screw with or make off with our vehicles. Folks have already managed to remotely take control of a car's functions, and now it looks like all they need is a laptop to snag your vehicle right off your driveway.

The below video from the Houston Police Department shows a man entering a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. After a few minutes of fiddling with a laptop, the car disappears down the street.

The car's alarm seems to stop after about two minutes, although it's unclear if it's turned off or if it hits some pre-set time limit. The whole job takes about 13 minutes, from the time the first thief arrives and opened the hood (not shown in the video) to when the car leaves.

Even the police are unclear as to what role the laptop played in the theft, according to the Wall Street Journal article that mentions this video. Fiat Chrysler gave the WSJ not much more than a boilerplate response about taking security seriously.

It just goes to show: No matter how complicated we may think modern cars are, some plucky scofflaw will find a way to steal them.

Oh, and if you happen to know the person in this video, the Houston Police Department would love to have a word.

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