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Watch this 900-horsepower Mustang drift effortlessly

Pro drifter Vaughn Gittin Jr., mastermind behind the hopped-up Mustang RTR, takes his latest whip out for a spin -- literally.


When your job involves throwing cars sideways, it helps to have oodles of power at the ready. Thus, it's not really too ridiculous when you realize that pro drifter Vaughn Gittin Jr.'s latest Ford Mustang has 900 horsepower. Power oversteer? More like power everything.

Ahead of this weekend's Formula Drift season opener in Long Beach, California, Gittin gave his new 'Stang a bit of a shakedown. Thankfully, there was a camera handy to catch some of the action. It just looks so...effortless. Then again, what isn't effortless with 900 horses at your disposal?

If you've got the itch for a high-horsepower Mustang to call your own, you're in luck. Gittin helped create a street version of his drift car, called the Mustang RTR, which you can actually order through a Ford dealership. Better crack open your Panamanian piggy bank.