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Lucid Motors

Watch the Lucid Air EV hit 235 (!!!) mph on a high-speed oval

Who said EVs can't scare the pants off you?

When Lucid announced that a prototype of its forthcoming Air electric car hit 217 mph, we were pretty impressed. But of course, Lucid had to go and one-up itself.

Lucid went to the Transportation Research Center in Ohio with that same prototype, a stripped-out, aerodynamically enhanced version used to test powertrain and suspension components. This test car had its software speed limiter removed, and the result was a 235-mph blast down the concrete.

Lucid didn't just do this for fun. This high-speed testing gave the company enough data to adjust its suspension responsiveness under load, as well as update the ventilation for its front electric motor.

Of course, your personal Air won't be capable of such speeds. First, it's electronically limited to a much more sensible top speed. Second, the car is stripped down to its skivvies in these tests, carrying the bare necessities and a few aerodynamic tweaks. Also, your car's tires are probably not rated for those speeds.

Lucid first showed off the Air last December. In its highest trim, it will reportedly pack 1,000 horsepower from multiple electric motors, enough for a 0-60 time of about 2.5 seconds. That model will cost six figures, but Lucid also has an entry-level model in mind that should sell for about $60,000.